Price per minute: 12.5c

Printing Price: N/A per page

Surfbox - Pay As You Go Internet Access

User Instructions

  1. Terms & Conditions

    All users agree to be bound by the Terms & Conditions displayed on the kiosk start page.

  2. Pay with Coin or Credit Card

    Please insert a coin or enter your Credit / Debit Card details to start a session. When making coin payment, you must ensure that the 1st coin is credited correctly before adding additional coins. In the event of a coin fault, refunds of 2nd and additional coins will not be entertained.

  3. Internet Access

    Type in the page address (URL) in the address field or use any of the usual search options. The default Search Provider is Google.

  4. Accessing your USB Drive

    To access documents on your USB drive, click on the Computer link on the start page, or use the the File Manager shortcut. The USB will be displayed as drive D: or E:.

  5. Printing (where available)

    Click on the print button in the webpage or document that you wish to print, or use the Menu print option. You will be shown the number of pages and total price. You must confirm this in order to print your document will print.

  6. *** Printing Email Attachments - IMPORTANT NOTICE ***

    To print Attachments from Email, we always recommend that you "download" the document (instead of View). This will open the appropriate program (e.g. Adobe, Word, etc.) to allow you to print.

  7. Email Access

    For Email, browse to the website of your Email Provider.

  8. Applications

    Applications are provided to allow you view & print MS Office (Word, Excel, Powerpoint) and Adobe Reader documents.

  9. Content Filtering

    This browser is equipped with a Content Filtering service to provide a safe surfing experience for all users.

  10. Insert additional coins to extend your surfing time

    You will receive a warning 60 seconds before your credit expires. You can add more credit during this time to extend your session.

  11. Logout / End of Session

    Your session ends either when your credit runs out or when you click on the logout button. The history of pages you have visited is deleted and other users will not be able to access any of this information. The system restarts fully at the end of each session.

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