Price per minute: 12.5c

Printing Price: N/A per page

Surfbox - Pay As You Go Internet Access

Mobile Printing

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1. Find your printer's details

Use one of the free mobile Apps - HP ePrint or PrinterOn - to locate your printer. Or you can search for the details on the PrinterOn Directory(pay zone).

2. Send your document from your laptop or smartphone.

Send the document using the mobile App. Alternatively you can can send the document by email or web upload:


Web Upload:

3. Note your release code

Make a note of the "Release code" that will be returned to you after sending your document.

4. Retrieve your printed document at Surfbox Kiosk

a. Click HERE, enter your "Release Code" and click OK.
c. Document details and price will be shown on the next screen.
d. Click Confirm. If payment is required, you will be prompted to do so.
e. Your document will be printed at the attached printer.

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